15 Things That Your Real Estate Agent Never Tells You

Buying or selling your house or any other kind of property is a big decision. All due to this, people never wish to do it alone, but in the association with an expert who has mighty experience in the process.Real estate agents or realtors are such a people, group of people or even an organization performing this task on your behalf. They are the dedicated professionals, registered or unregistered, offering you all the assistance you need, whether to buy or sell a property.And this is why it is necessary to consult a good, reputed and experienced real estate agent or firm only.However, even when you consult the best one, there are a few things that the real estate agents do not tell their clients. Here is a list of these:

First of all, you may not always need to hire a real estate agent to sell your house, especially if it is located at some plush location or is at a place that is yearned by many.

Most of the real estate agents work on commissions. They may tell you that their commissions are fixed, but in reality, the commissions are always negotiable.

And if you choose not to hire a real estate agent and sell your house yourself, you can even avoid those commissions.

If you are about to sell your house, you would consider vacating it to offer a better view to your buyers. However, a furnished and tidy house is said to sell better than a vacated one, since the buyers can get an actual view of how they would keep their products.

Buyers do have a view of your kitchen, but kitchens are not what people put on their priority list before buying a house.

Agents may say that they do not have an idea about the neighborhood, but in reality, they actually know the kind of neighborhood you are moving in with.

Do not doubt individual workers or small real estate firms, even if the big ones tell you tales about their inexperience or inefficiency. You may never know the real tales behind.

Before you buy a house, you can even hire a home inspector and get the house inspected to know the hidden flaws etc. in the house. You can also get to know its real worth.

Even your home inspectors may not tell you everything about the house.

Most of the real estate agents do not wait for long to get you the best bid for your house. Instead, they would wish to get a fair deal and get it done within, say, a month’s time. It may get them a low commission but it needs less marketing and they can concentrate on other deals.

A home you are buying should essentially be in a move-in condition. If it needs a few safety fixtures or a big investment, you are better off looking for something else.

Even if you hired a good real estate agent, you need to keep a check on their activities and you can always fire them if you think that they are not acting on what they actually promised.

There could always, always be a better deal. But then, there’s no guarantee.

Agents may get commissions from both the buyers and the sellers. So never always consider them on your side.

Holding an open house may actually find you a better client.

So while you buy or sell a property with the help of a real estate agent, do keep these elements in mind.A bit of your vigilance may not always save your expenses but also prevent you from any sort of future regrets.

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