Best Airline Travel Tips

Flying is an interesting and pleasurable experience and people travel for many reasons. Whether it be for business, leisure, a family visit or other, here are some important travel tips to make your trip more comfortable.
‘Check in’ is the most important thing in air travel. Most airlines want domestic travellers to check-in one hour before flight departure and international travellers two hours before. It’s always safe to be a few minutes before the mentioned time as there is a chance that you may lose your seat in the case of overbooked flights.
Baggage: You are allowed to carry luggage to a limit mentioned by your airline and it varies with each airline depending upon your ticket. Make sure that you carry luggage within the mentioned limit to avoid last minute tensions. The best way to avoid this is to assess the weight of your luggage and hand luggage before you leave for the airport.
Try to avoid gift wrapping because the Transportation Security Administration may ask you to unwrap your gifts to check what’s inside. Instead you can just place the item in a suitcase or trolley if it’s not an electronic or expensive item.
Carry clothes that suit your destination’s weather. For instance, if you are travelling to Canada, make sure that you have a long winter coat with you, so that you can get into it as soon as your flight lands. You may not be able to tolerate the weather at the beginning, so you will definitely need it.
Have a spare set of toiletries, creams and cosmetics ready in your hand luggage as you might need them at any time during your flight. In the case of travelling by connecting flights, you can refresh yourself during the waiting time.
It’s not compulsory but it’s always safe to carry a photocopy of your ticket, your proof of ID and other relevant documents in a travel pouch. This will really help you and you can also avoid last moment tensions.
Food in Flight: Many are not aware about food details of their flight. You can inquire when you book your ticket and some low cost flights like Tiger Airways do not serve free food. You will have to pay for your food on flight and bringing food onto the plane is also not permitted on board. Also, be careful when you place your order on other costly flights though it’s a free service, because you may not like the tastes of different food at times. Make sure you order a known dish or anything from the a la carte if you’re open to all.
Pre book a taxi before you leave from your home city airport, so that you can reach your destination on time from the airport, without any trouble or tension. Also make sure that you have the number and details of your connection before you start.

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