Medical Education As a Career in India – A Goldmine of Opportunity

Medical Sciences refers to the science of the preservation of health as well as the prevention and treatment of disease. Derived from the Latin ars medicina, “the art of healing Medicine”, it is a stream related to health sciences and public life. It is mainly concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of disease. From time immemorial, this field has been viewed as a prestigious profession.This is one arena where the possibility of research and innovations are never ending. Therefore, it is one of the few professional streams where there is no fear of stagnation.Why choose Medicine/Medical Sciences as a career?A profession that is known for its closest ties to altruism and selflessness, Medicine/Medical Sciences garners great respect from the society. A noble profession, it is dedicated to the alleviation of human pain and suffering and the prevention of diseases to promote a healthy lifestyle. No wonder the profession is regarded as both an art and a science.
The rapidly expanding health care sector, not only in India but also the world over, has resulted in a huge demand for trained professionals in this field. Career prospects for trained doctors/nurses/specialists are, therefore, very good. Health care specialists including paramedical specialists and technicians, and educators are an important constituent in the ongoing betterment of societal health standards.Over the next couple of decades, population in the age-group 15-59 is set to grow at the highest rate to constitute 64.5 per cent of the total Indian population. As a result, their health concerns will occupy more mindshare in years to come. Lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are likely to keep plaguing us. To offset this, there will be a rising demand for medical care. India is posited to become an active nucleus for medical innovation and scientific advancement in the forthcoming years. Today, medical technology serves as a vital tool and a global platform for communication enabling physicians from all over the world to exchange ideas, views, and perspectives with each other. The field is a dynamic one, which continues to evolve, affording myriad opportunities for skilled professionals.Trends and industry facts: * Today, the Indian healthcare industry is estimated at $35 billion and is slated to grow to $75 billion by 2013.* To meet the burgeoning demand for healthcare professionals in the country, India is likely to need at least seven million more.* This is way ahead of retail which stands at 2 million and IT enabled services at 5 million.* On the other hand, medical professionals will need to serve the medical needs of 1.2 billion by 2015.* 180 recognized medical colleges in India produce close to 27,000 graduates every year. Approximately, 24,000 doctors are registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI) into the practice every year. This, as is evident, is acutely short of the requirement. (MCI annual report 2006-2007)* Even by a conservative estimate, India lags behind 0.2 million doctors and 0.5 million nurses currently. This does not even include paramedical and administrative personnel.* In spite of the need for doctors and the expected growth of this industry, India severely lacks well-equipped training facilities even today.* Lack of mandated standardization and regulation in the profession has resulted in over 90 per cent of healthcare being serviced by the unorganized sector.* State wise, there is a big gap in the country between healthcare workers and population. In Uttar Pradesh, the number of doctors per lac population is 23 and the number of nurses per lac population is 9.24. As against this, in Kerala, the number of doctors per lac population is 56.72 and the number of nurses per lac population is 78.41.So, there you have it! Being a doctor in India is what is needed. All macroeconomic numbers are on your side.

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