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Basic Digital Photography – Learn to Play With Fire

Have you ever played with fire? Stupid question right! You would say it is dangerous but think about it. Have you ever witnessed a situation where you had wanted to capture fire in your lens? Photographing fire can be fun and also very tricky. Let me share some tips on basic digital photography for capturing fire and getting better photographs.Light is the main element of a photograph. If I have to describe it in one word it would be ‘Heart’. There are two main sources of light sun and the artificial lights. But have you ever thought about fire as the primary source of light? Fire coming out of a candle or a raging inferno, are these some great moments that you really wish to capture. You can explore a new side to your creativity. Fire can take a lot of forms and each form spells out a different meaning to life. You can describe power, subtlety, warmth and heat from its different forms. There are two basic forms of fire that I have described below. You can experiment with these two forms and bring out your own meaning to life.The first form of fire is a single flame. Now, there isn’t mush problem in shooting a single flame right? It really is simple. But when you attempt capturing the flame on the camera, you would come to know how difficult can it be. Now for this experiment you just require a single candle, a dark place, tripod or a strong surface to hold the camera. Here it is best to shift to manual focus, and keep your focus at the end of the wick. The flame will not be in super focus because it is producing light and is also a 3D object. That means the intensity and the point of focus on it will vary.If your camera has spot meters then use it and take the reading of the flame. The image you will get to see will be darker than normal, slow down the shutter speed and overexpose the frame a little. If you want the photo to have the flame straight then ensure that there are no drafts around to move the flame. When you have figured out the basic digital photography techniques and the shutter speed, you can play around a little by blowing gently and capture the dancing.The next form of fire is the campfires; these are the easiest form of image that you can take. But the main point when you take the photo is to get the shutter speed dialed in. The best way to take the photograph is to go for a longer shutter speed, this will help in blurring the fire and also give the sparks a chance to leave a trail. The shot of a campfire always spreads warmth and a playful attitude of the fire. This is an important point of the basic digital photography. If you leave the shutter open for a long time the fire would turn out to be very bright and you will in turn lose the mood.Always remember that fire carries with a lot of impact and variety.